Personal Distinctives

Empowering Manager: Leading, teaching, managing, creative problem solving and maximizing people’s skills/experience are what I do best.

Executive Leader: I have effectively managed very complex and diverse agencies. I lead leaders. I am a leader on any team. I have hired, managed, trained, and overseen multiple staff and volunteer staffs.

Vision Setter: I facilitate boards to envision goals and objectives and enable staff to reach established goals and objectives.

Project Manager: I have planned and executed hundreds of large and small corporate projects.

Team Leader: I have managed both large and small teams to accomplish goal oriented objectives.

Trainer: I teach teachers how to teach and guide leaders into more effective leadership. I have written and published teaching plans. I specialize in communication training and cognitive skills development. I have organized, motivated, and trained volunteers and professionals to participate in all levels of leadership.

Event planner: I have organized and led hundreds of events – including planning, budgeting, promotion, recruiting, advertising, managing, catering, programming, logistics, and relations.

Budget Manager: I have effectively developed and managed million dollar plus budgets (and kept them in the black).

Computer Management: I have been involved with facilitating computer effectiveness in every agency I have led.